Saturday, April 22, 2006

The way it should be

Conversation heard between Keith and Amya last night after Keith told Amya something she didn't like:

Amya: "I can't wait till I'm 16. I'm going to make my drivers licenses right away"
Keith: "Why?"
Amya: "So I can drive out withoff you"
Keith: laughing
Amya: "But not you, Mom. I'm only going to drive out withoff Dad."

That's the way it should be, no?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Loose Tooth

Amya has a loose tooth! I can't believe it. She's getting way too old, way too fast. I noticed it 2 days ago. I was talking to her and looked at her mouth and noticed that one of her front bottom teeth was crooked. Her teeth are pretty good and straight, so it freaked me out a bit. I thought she had knocked it hard or something. So I told her to let me look at her teeth, she opened her mouth and sure enough, that tooth wiggled. You can even see the new one coming in behind it. She's really excited to get to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy when it comes out. It makes me a little sad though, it just seems like she's growing up too fast. I told her that I was sad, and asked if I could glue-stick her tooth back in. She said that doing that wouldn't stop her from growing. She's so smart.

Here's a scrapbook page I did for Elena yesterday when I was supposed to be doing homework. We just can't get over how much she is like Keith - personality wise and her looks. I don't know what I'm going to do with that girl. The journaling says talks about how we've been calling her "jr" because she's always trying to make her sisters laugh. She'll say and do things she shouldn't, just to get laughs out of them, and then keep doing it over and over. She's so crazy.

Monday, April 17, 2006

"Amya's eating my food!!!"

I keep thinking, I really need to update the blog, I'll do it today. And then I don't. So this will probably turn into a long post, or else I'll split it up into 2 and post tomorrow, cause I'm sure I'll forget some stuff today.

Elena said the funniest thing the other day. I had gotten Amya up for school and she had just left on the bus when I heard Elena crying. I went into the room to ask her what was wrong. She was having a bad dream and I had to ask her a few times what was wrong before she woke up enough to answer me. When she did, she said "Amya's eating my food!" That crazy girl was having a bad dream about Amya eating her food. Keith and I couldn't stop laughing.

Amya is getting too smart for us. The other day, she was going under my bed to get the kittens out. Dory had hidden them under there. Here's a picture of 2 of them, by the way...

Anyway, she was under the bed and found a bag from Barnes & Noble that had books in it that I'd bought for the girls for Easter. She got one out and was waving it around, saying, "When did you get this, Mom? Is this for me?" (It was a Dora book that was for Elena.) I told her that it wasn't for her and not to get into my stuff. So then she got all upset that it wasn't for her and wanted to know if I had gotten something for her, and if so, what was it, etc. (I need to find a better hiding place.) Fast forward to yesterday, and the girls get their Easter baskets. She sees the book for Elena and says "Hey, the Easter Bunny got Elena the same book that you got her". I said "Oh yeah, I guess I'll have to return the one I got". She tells me no, I can just give it to her, then asks where is the book that I got for her when I got that book for Elena. Um, you're holding it in your hands and you think it's from the Easter Bunny. Do you see what happens when you lie?? Anyway, here they are with their Easter baskets.

Téa is the one the most into the candy this time. Usually Elena can't get enough of it (proof of this is in the statement - "Mom, I want candy in my mouth") and don't get me wrong, she's eating plenty of it, but Téa is on the constant look-out for candy. And the bad part is, when she finds it, she eats it right away, wrapper and all. Then we find her with wrappers in her mouth, and pieces of candy scattered throughout the house, with bites taken out of them. Crazy girls. Here they are in their Easter dresses, ready to go to church.

Well, Amya's calling me to come help her with a snack, so I guess I'll do more updating tomorrow.