Monday, October 19, 2009

shocking, I know...

Man, I just looked at the last picture I posted of Noah and I can't believe how much he's already changed in the last 3 months. Why do babies have to grow so fast? I already feel like he's not a baby baby anymore. He's 6 months (but only for one more week) and is getting SO big. He started sitting up over a month ago...I had gone to one of Amya's soccer practices, plopped him down on the ground and realized he didn't need me to help him because he was totally sitting on his own. I had no idea he could do it. Here's a picture from that day -

LOVE the expression on his face. He's so totally expressive with those eyebrows. (I still miss the crinkly forehead though.)We had his baby blessing at the beginning of September. Finding what I thought was the perfect blessing outfit is a story in itself (12 different stores...ugh) but I think it was worth it to see how cute my little man was. (Oh and somehow the lighting here is making his hair look red but it really isn't.)

He went with me to Florida for Kara & Brad's wedding and I loved showing him off. He was SO good on the airplane (everyone commented on how well he did - no crying whatsoever) and while we were out there.

He was totally fine with being passed around to whoever was wanting to hold him next and had no problems with all the craziness that traveling entails. He loved playing in the sand at the beach. (Again with the eyebrows lol)

He is eating and LOVING food - so far he's had rice cereal, grapes, bananas, pineapple, beans, bread, and (thanks to Keith) ice cream, which he threw up. On the baby food front, he's eaten bananas, applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, and turkey. Yeah, he didn't like the turkey. At all. In his defense though, Maricela asked to try it and, after I put it in her mouth, she cried for about 5 minutes with her mouth open, not wanting to chew it but for some reason not willing to go to the trash can to spit it out.

The most recent news is that he got his first teeth!!! (Notice it's plural.) Tooth number one came in on October 10th (it was his bottom left) and tooth number 2 (the bottom right) came in on October 18th. Coincidentally both birthdays in my family, Elena's and my dad's, respectively. While I don't have pictures of the teeth yet - it's so hard to get pics of those little things poking through until they're out a little more - he's putting them to good use. Mainly on mine and Keith's fingers. :) He is so can often hear him in the background, talking in his 2-octaves too-high-sometimes-only-for-dogs voice. He LOVES his sisters. LOVES them. Loves to watch them, play with them, "talk" to them. He watches them all the time. We just know he's itching to be mobile and following them around, which I'm sure will come soon. He can get in the crawling position and can move backwards (all of my kids did that first) and sometimes ends up sideways from where he started. I'm sure he'll be crawling soon. So while all of this is so exciting for us (watching a baby grow and reach new milestones NEVER gets old), it's also sad to say goodbye to my baby baby.

I have some more catching up to do with the girls....hopefully I'll be back again this week with more info for you guys. Sorry I've been away for so long.