Monday, July 10, 2006


Téa can now say Elena. Well actually, she says "Nena". We just got Elena to stop saying "nena" and now that's what Téa says. Oh well, it's sweet that she's trying to say her sister's name. Amya's pretty jealous - I keep hearing her say "Téa, say ay-a. Téa, can you say Amya?" Maybe she'll be able to teach her quickly. After all, it didn't take them long to teach her to say crack. No news on the baby name front - we still can't agree on anything. And we have less than two weeks left.


EK said...

Good luck with the new baby name! :)

elaine said...

Kathleen, I'm anxiously awaiting news that your new baby is here - and I'm DYING to know what you name her!! Keep me posted, will ya? :)