Wednesday, February 27, 2008


two funnies heard in my class this week.....

1. I had given them a project to do and told them it was very important for them to do their BEST work on it. They quickly got right to work and the classroom was amazingly quiet. Suddenly (Gooney Bird Greene taught us that you should use the word suddenly to keep people interested in your story – such a cute book) one little boy said:

"Isn't this refreshing? Keep up the quiet guys! My headache's gone!"

Now, this particular little boy is usually contributing to the noise in the classroom, so it was quite funny to hear him say that. And sure enough, a few minutes later, he’s humming rather loudly. I said “Little Boy (name changed to protect the guilty), weren’t you the one who just said it was refreshing for it to be so quiet in here?” Everyone, including him, started to laugh and then they all got back to work. It was cute.

2. We have been talking about how February is Black History Month and have read books and learned more about Black History. I was putting out some books about Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges I wanted them to read during centers and asked them if they knew why I was putting out those particular books. They all said "Because it’s Black History Month" and we kept going. Then I hear another little boy lean over to his partner next to him and say “When is white history month?” Oh boy.

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lyn. said...

You are wise to write these stories down so you can return years later and have another laugh... :-D