Friday, January 16, 2009

Project 365

So I jumped on the Project 365 bandwagon. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can go here for more detailed information. But basically, you take a photo every day for a whole year and then at the end of the year you have this year-long photo album that shows everything you did for the last year. I was kind of waffling around about it, cause I know what a big procrastinator I am and was afraid to commit and then not take pictures. So I've been taking the pictures, but not saying that was why I was taking them. (I did actually miss a day already, but I'm not going to stress about it.) The other part that I'm adding to it is that I'll be making a 2 page scrapbook layout for each week, hopefully at the end of each week, showcasing that week's photos. This way I'll have every picture recorded and journaled soon after it's taken, before I can forget what we were doing that day or why I took the photo. So far, a lot of my pictures have been taken later on in the day, as I've realized "Oh crap, it's 7:00 and I haven't taken a picture yet". Hopefully I'll get better at remembering to snap those photos earlier in the day as this continues on.

Last night I finally sat down to make my first layout. It took me over three hours. But that's more because I was trying to decide how I wanted the page format to look, as I'm going to use the same format for each 2 page spread - that way the finished album will be more consistant and it'll be easier for to scrap every week, as I'll have a specific format to follow. And I kept it pretty simple, so the photos would be the focus of the layout, not the extra embellishments. After I finished it, I called Keith over to come see it. He said, "This is so cool. You know what would be neat? If you did a page like this for every week this year - then we'd have this super cool album at the end of the year." I was all, "Um, honey, that's the point. That's what I'm planning on doing." (I hadn't even told him I was going to be doing this, I was that afraid of failing.)

Well, after that long explanation I better show you my page. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to start a new blog for just the pictures and post them each day, or if I'll just post the weekly layout here. I don't know. ** I went ahead and made a new blog just for the pictures. You can find it here and I'll put a link on the side. ** But for now, here is my Project 365 Week 1.

Amya's upset with me for not having a picture of her on this page, but for some reason, she really wasn't in any pictures I took that first week. So now I have to be more aware of who I'm taking the pictures of and try to keep it so that everyone is seen in equal amounts.

And here are the pages separately, so you can see them more close up.

Finally, for credits you can click here.


Ashley said...

Kathleen, that is a really snazzy idea. If I can remember, I'd love to do that next year!

lyn. said...

Hey, bring your camera to school and let's get some pictures of you teaching over the next month or so...

Ingrid said...

You are SO creative! Can I still do this if I have missed a few days so far... Hmmm...I will have to think about this! I love all your scrapbooking! You have always been so talented. Coming to FL soon????