Wednesday, November 04, 2009

i'm worse than my children

Right after yelling at gently chastising my children for the colossal mess they had made of my scrapbook/craft supplies, I proceeded to spill a whole bottle of Mod Podge all over me, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen floor, the kitchen wall, the dishwasher, etc. Elena heard me growling in the kitchen and came to inspect. The following was our conversation....

Elena: "Wow, Mom, what happened in here?
Me: "I'm cleaning up a mess."
E: "What is this stuff? Sour cream?"
M: "No, it's glue."
E: "This is pretty bad, Mom. I didn't know you could make messes this big. I know we make big messes, but this is way worse than ours."

Thanks, Elena. Rub it in a little more please. :P


lyn. said...

Out of the mouths of babes... LOL

Thompson Family said...

ahhh.... children remind us to keep our prespective!

Jenn said...

So funny!!! (and so true!)