Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good news...and bad news

Today was the first day that Elena told us that she had to use the potty and then actually used it!!!! This morning she told Keith, so he put her on, but she didn't go. She asked for pant*es though, so we let her wear them. I kept asking her all morning if she needed to go or not, and she kept saying no. Then, right before Diego came on, she said "Mommy - Nena peepee". So I told her let's hurry and go before Diego comes on, and she did!!! She was so proud of herself. So we left them on. Then when Amya came home, I told Elena to tell her what she had on. (I had just asked her if she had to go, by the way.) Then Amya says "What's that stuff on Elena's legs?" She had wet her pants. ARGH!!! I had all these thoughts going through my mind, like maybe she'll just start using the potty and I won't have to worry about it anymore. But no. And then 10 minutes later, she did #2 in her pull-up. So I guess she won't be potty-trained in a day...should I hope for a week?

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