Monday, January 16, 2006

New Stuff Going On

A lot has happened since my last post. On Thursday (the 12th) Téa finally took some steps!!! We were at church and Angela Puertas and her daughter Isabel came. Isabel is two weeks older than Téa and is already walking. She started walking around the foyer and Téa was watching her like a hawk. Then Amya, Elena, and Isabel started playing with some volleyballs and Téa totally wanted in on the fun. She was standing up and I could tell that she wanted to participate, so I was helping her walk around. Then I let go of her hands and she took a few steps!! We quickly called Keith over so he could see her, and after some coaxing, she took a few more!!! She hasn't done any more walking since, but I'm glad she made some progress.
On Friday, I was playing with Téa and decided to check to see if she had any new teeth. Sure enough, she did!! Two new molars on the top. I think they have only come in in the last few days, cause they're not poking out that much. Then Elena was jealous and told me to check her mouth - and she had a new tooth!!! A new molar on the bottom left. So of course, Amya made me check her too, and she had a new one as well!! Same as Elena - new molar on the bottom left. Elena's has been there for awhile, it's almost all the way through, but Amya's is just barely coming out. So we thought that was funny that all three girls had new teeth together.
One more thing - Saturday night we needed some milk for Sunday. I would have gone to the store when Keith got home, but he was out late, so I told him to just pick some up on the way home. He said he would, but when he got home he had forgotten. I told him he had to go get some, and as he started to leave Amya said, "Sorry Dad, buh-bye"...very sarcastically. We just started laughing, she said it so funny.
Oh and Elena is still working on the potty thing. She's doing better about using it, and we're giving her a couple mini M&M's every time she goes, but she's had some accidents too. She doesn't really tell us when she has to go, we have to ask her. And even sometimes when we ask her, she says she doesn't have to, and 5 minutes later her pants are wet. But we're trying.
And now I think we're caught up with the happenings in the life of our family.

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