Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sea World

Sea World was, by far, my very favorite park. I don't know why but I absolutely loved it. I even teared up a little watching the killer whale show (don't ask me why, cause I couldn't tell ya). So here are our Sea World pictures. (Our friends Alvaro and Tiffanie came with us and so did my sister Ellen.)

The first thing we did was watch the sea lion show. Elena loved it, and as we were leaving, she asked if she could take her picture with the trainers. They were glad to oblige, and she was so excited!

I couldn't resist putting the captions. The looks on their faces are priceless.

We watched the killer whale show and it was awesome. This was taken before it started. Note that they are sitting in the soak zone. From right to left is Ellen, Keith with Téa on his lap, Amya, and Elena. You can't really see Alvaro and Tiffanie.

My favorite trick was when the killer whales came up out of the water with the trainers standing on their noses.

Now you can see why they call it the soak zone. Amya thought it was so cool!

Maricela turned 4 weeks old the day we went there. So many people would come up to us and ask us how old she was.

The girls loved this little water play place. Normally they hate it when Keith sprays the hose at them, but they sure thought this was fun.

We also saw a dolphin show, which was really cool. After that, we went to the Dolphin cove where you can pet the dolphins. We must have stood there for at least 15 minutes with our hands in the water, waiting for a dolphin to come by and let us pet him. Keith got bored with it pretty fast, and Amya was so disappointed when I finally told her we had to go.

Amya rode the water ride with Alvaro and Tiffanie.

A group shot. We were all so tired after our long day, but we had so much fun!

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