Thursday, May 10, 2007

An era has ended

The other day we were watching TV with all the girls. Keith was not liking whatever show it was and said "This show is G-A-Y". He spelled it out so that the girls wouldn't know what he said. Almost immediately Amya says "Gay? Why is the show gay dad?" We were laughing and saying that we couldn't spell things out anymore. About half an hour later, we were watching another show and Keith says "This show is Y-A-G". And sure enough, after about 2 seconds, Amya says "Dad, that's gay spelled backwards." We couldn't believe it. It's gonna be so hard now to talk about stuff we don't want them to know about now that Amya can figure out what we're saying. We also won't be able to talk in Spanish for much longer, cause she's figuring that out too. That smart little booger is ruining everything! :) Oh yeah, I forgot, then she started spelling stuff out herself, like "d-a-d i-s g-a-y" and stuff like that. Crazy.

In other news, Maricela's other top tooth is coming in now as well.

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Anonymous said...

Your kids say the funniest things!!! ~Elaine