Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Houston, we have a picture!

(I'm not quite sure why I'm stuck on that saying.)

Last night we were playing outside and the baby was in her little swing that hangs down from the awning of our porch. I was taking some pictures of her swinging and then realized that I could get a shot of her tooth. So I got her to laugh and got the shot. Her fever is gone now, so that's good, but she still has boogers. I'm thinking maybe the other top tooth is coming in, you can kind of feel it underneath her gum. Anyway, we're excited for her.

Also, I forgot to mention what Amya did on Sunday. She was assigned the scripture for Primary, so she had to read a scripture (John 3:16) during opening exercises. I don't know if all of you know, but we go to a Spanish ward, so she had to read it in Spanish. She did it PERFECTLY!! We were SO proud of her and how quickly she has picked up reading - in English AND Spanish. Here is what she read: "Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna." Isn't that so cool? And she's reading everything. Everywhere we go, she reads signs. "Mom, did you know they're hiring at Wal-Mart? It says so right there - Now Hiring." "Who knows what tomorrow will bring (on the wall at Sam's)" I can't remember any more right now, but believe me, she's reading everything. It's so neat to see how much of the world is opened up to her now that she can read.

Here's a picture of Téa that I took yesterday. I put her hair in pigtails, dressed her up, and then thought she looked so cute that I took some pics of her outside. The only way I could get her to sit still was to bribe her with dandelions, and she was waving them all around while we were taking the pics. Keith is not going to be happy about that when he sees all the new dandelions start to pop up.

I have some pictures and stuff to share - I just downloaded over 1000 pics from this month onto my computer, and I had already forgotten stuff that we've done. So after I get some breakfast, I'll come back and put up some more pictures. TTFN!

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