Friday, June 08, 2007

Houston, we have lift-off!!!!!!!

Maricela is crawling!! I can't believe it. We are just so excited. Not really excited about all the messes she will now be making, or all the cleaning we'll have to do now that she can find anything on the floor anywhere to put into her mouth, but excited about the fact that she was able to lift that big tummy off the floor and move across the rug on her own! (And I know that was a really long sentence, sorry.) I was sitting on the rug with her yesterday and she was playing with a cup. The cup rolled away from her and she got into crawling position (which she's been able to do for awhile but would previously just rock back and forth then go back to sitting) and took a couple crawls over to the cup. I don't know if you call them crawls, but there has to be a word for that right? Crawls is to crawling as steps is to walking? (Trying out my analogy skills here, how'd that work for ya?) Excited, I got down on the floor with her (and the video camera of course) and took away the cup so that she could crawl to it again. After a couple minutes of prodding, she did!!! I got it on tape and everything. Later on last night, Keith's family was over for dinner and she crawled again for them. They said it looked like she had been crawling for awhile, not that she had just started that day. I was going to put the video up on here, but it's a little too long and I'm way too lazy to edit it down to just the crawling part. When she wakes up from her nap I'll try to tape her again. I'm just so excited that she's moving now. You can tell that she wants to play with her sisters and she gets sad when they leave the room. Now she can try to keep up with them.

And in other news, she also has five teeth now. Three on top, two on bottom.

And sorry about all the run on sentences and use of parentheses in this post. I don't know what I was thinking.

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