Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sharkgirl is gone...

...only to be replaced by the toothless monster. I can't remember if I told you guys about Amya's extra tooth. I'm pretty sure I didn't. But if I did, you can just skip over this part.

Back in January, I was playing with Amya and thought I saw something in her mouth. I had her open wide and, right behind her two front teeth, I saw another tooth growing in. Her two front teeth were loose, but not anywhere near loose enough to come out. I thought "Oh great. Here's her permanent tooth coming in, way out of place. We're gonna have huge orthodontist bills." So I called the dentist and scheduled an appt to have her two front teeth pulled out. When we got there, he looked at it and said they needed to take an x-ray to see exactly what was going on. When the x-ray was ready he showed it to me and said it was exactly what he thought it was - an EXTRA tooth!! I couldn't believe it, how do you get an extra tooth? He said it's really not that rare, but that it usually happens when they're younger. He said since it wasn't in very far that we should wait a few months before we had it pulled. He needed more of it to be out so that there'd be more to grab on to when he extracted it.

Fast forward to Tuesday (two days ago). We set up Amya's appt to have her tooth taken out. She wasn't too scared about it, although she did ask me why we couldn't just leave it in. But seriously, that tooth was taking over her mouth! We were calling her sharkgirl, cause she had that tooth growing in like it was a new row or something. Here's a picture for proof. (By the way if you click on the picture, you can see the tooth in all its humongous glory.)

After they pulled out the extra one, the dentist asked if I wanted him to pull out her two front teeth as well. They were about to come out, and since she was already numbed up, I told him to go ahead. So now we have the toothless monster.

She did really well at the dentist. They asked if I wanted her to have laughing gas to help calm her down. The only time I had laughing gas it made me feel awful and I didn't want that to happen to her, so I said no. She got a little upset while they were numbing her but after that she was fine. I was so proud of my brave little girl. She asked if she could keep the extra tooth because she thought the tooth fairy would give her more for it. That thing is huge! But, she hasn't remembered to put it under her pillow yet, so I don't know what the tooth fairy's going to do. :)

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