Saturday, August 25, 2007

silly baby

Someone pointed out this video on YouTube and I thought it was so funny. You can't help but laugh along with this baby.

And I should be updating with some pics soon. I know I've been neglecting the old blog, but this teaching thing is SO much harder than I expected. I'm lucky if I can remember how to get home by the end of the day.... blogging's not that high on my list right now. But I do have some things to share, so hopefully I'll get to that either today or tomorrow. I'm not sure what your guys' houses would look like after a week of you not being there and your husband taking care of your CRAZY kids, but mine's looking like a pack of ravenous wolves (who also like to pull toys and clothes out of their proper places) ransacked the house. Yesterday I came home to hard-boiled egg all over the living room floor. Seriously, pieces of egg (and the shells) all over the floor. I'm wondering if Keith goes around blindfolded during the day. And what did I do? Did I clean it up? No, I took the kids out for pizza. So I think I better go get started on some cleaning, before deadly bacteria start growing in our house. See ya later.

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