Sunday, August 05, 2007

i think i'm going to cry

Seriously. When did a teenager move into my house? Okay, maybe not a teenager, but someone older than 6! Look at this....

Amya has been wanting bangs like mine for awhile now. Yesterday we went up to Ogden to visit Ian's family. While we were up there, Kristy (my college roommate and hair stylist) came over and Amya asked her to finally cut her some bangs. I just can't believe how old and mature she looks now. I can still see my little baby Amya in there, but she's growing and changing and it's just happening WAY too fast. Amya is so happy with her bangs though. She made this scrapbook page tonight. Again, if you could leave her a comment, that would be so cool. She was so excited about all the ones you guys left her for her last page. (If you click on the scrapbook page, you can see it a lot bigger.)

And now I'm off to cry myself to sleep....


Aunt Ceci said...

I love your bangs too. You look so pretty in the photos. Your scrapbook page is great! I like the paper you used. Is that your printing on the page? If so, you have beautiful printing.
Aunt Ceci

Therese said...

Dear Amya,
I really like your bangs. They look pretty. You look at least 8 years old. Do you have to blow dry your hair to fix them so nice? Your page is really good too. You have a talent for scrapbooking like your Mom and Aunt Kara and Aunt Ceci. Love, Gamma

ellen said...

hey amya you look really cute with you new bangs they look good on you hope you're having fun


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Amya!!!! You look soooo pretty :) I have bangs like you do too! (your mom copied them from me...hehehe) I LOVE you scrapbook page too. When I come out there again, we will definitely have to go to Pebbles!
I love you lots,