Monday, September 03, 2007

daddy's girl

Oh my sweet Mari. She is growing up so fast, and her cute little personality is totally coming out. I think we've got another Kei Jr. on our hands. She loves to make silly little faces and laugh and giggle with her sisters.

And if you were wondering, she has her seventh tooth. It's been there for awhile and I keep forgetting to document it. But it's her bottom right, next to the front teeth. So now she has four on top and three on the bottom.

I start my first full week of school this week. The past two weeks we had half-days so that we could hold SEP conferences. So I felt like it was a lot of fluff work, not a lot of curriculum, as we got all of our beginning of the year testing done. Now that that's over, and it's time to start the "real" stuff, I'm starting to get nervous all over again. Ugh. Wish me luck!!


Mom said...

Maricella looks a little like Tea and little like Elena in these pictures.

Laine said...

Sweet, sweet babies Kathleen. I think they ALL look like their Daddy! I have a hard time finding any Kirby in them! Now Taylor, on the other hand - ALL Kirby! What sweet kids you both have...