Monday, October 01, 2007


so I'm a slacker and I know it. believe me, i feel really guilty. so guilty that i've stopped using capitals. actually, i think that's just laziness, but who knows. i need to post some pictures. i need to talk about amya's birthday, and all the milestones ALL of my girls have crossed. but it's so hard to climb the stairs and listen to my girls playing downstairs. i want to be with them because i've missed them all day long. and at the end of the day i just want to go to bed, i don't want to get on the computer. but i need to get this stuff down. otherwise i'll forget. so i'm making a goal to blog every day this week and get caught up on the memory keeping i'm supposed to be doing. and i'll start that tomorrow. (look at me procrastinating already)

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Laine said...

Ummm, you said you would be posting "tomorrow" on Monday. It is now Friday. I'm anxiously waiting an update from you on your sweet family!!!