Saturday, October 13, 2007

comin to ya live... (part 2)

from San Diego!! We left our hotel this morning to drive down here to take the girls to Sea World. They were so excited to see Shamu again. And this time we got to feed the dolphins and all the girls got the chance to touch a dolphin. That was pretty dang cool. We also fed the seals. The trainer told us not to dangle the little fish over the edge because there were seagulls all around, just waiting for you to do that so they can fly in and steal the fish before the seal gets it. Sure enough, Elena dangled hers over and I got a picture of the bird stealing it out of her hand. Speaking of Elena, we only lost her twice today. So I'd say our parenting skills have greatly improved. Side note - I walked away from her just a little (like 5 feet), but she didn't see me walk away. She turned around, and started looking all around for me. Once she saw that I was nearby, she kind of chuckled and then said "Oh! I thought I was lost again!" And if anyone is wondering, the Orlando Sea World is definitely better than the San Diego one. Not that this one wasn't fun, because it was, the Orlando one is just bigger and better. I don't know what we'll do tomorrow. We don't really know. Maybe check out the Pacific coast beaches (I've never seen the Pacific before - but I'm sure it can't compare with the beaches of Naples) or just sightsee around town. I guess if you care you can check back in tomorrow night. And I still can't post any pictures, but I was able to find these ones of us from the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney. The one of Amya and Téa didn't come out for some reason, but there's one of me with Maricela, and Keith with Elena. And just so you know, my score is slightly lower than Keith's because I was trying to take pictures and wasn't really concentrating on shooting. (It's actually an improvement on my score from last year!)


amy said...

such good pictures! I love it! Thanks for sharing with us. ANd hey get back home we miss you!

Anonymous said...

c'mon keith, you switched guns to get the hi-score for the foto, right ?
the ben