Friday, October 12, 2007

comin to ya live...

from Disney!! Amya and I have our fall break this weekend. Keith and I had talked about taking the girls to Disney but didn't have any definite plans. Wed night we were talking about what we wanted to do over this break and Keith said, "So what about Disney?" We packed up and left the next morning. We just spent 11 hours at Disneyland with the girls (which may have been a few too many). I don't have a cord to connect my camera to my laptop, so I can't post any pics, but we had a great time. The girls looked for characters to get autographs, we rode all the rides they wanted to, we lost Elena at least four times and we watched the parade twice. It was a blast. But I'm seriously thinking about stopping at WalMart for a leash for Elena tomorrow before we take off for SeaWorld. If our hotel down there has wireless, I'll update again....maybe we'll only lose her three times tomorrow.


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