Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Téa!!!!!!!

I can't believe my little Téa is three years old! She had so much fun with her birthday this year. She loved us asking her "who's having a birthday?" and "who's going to be 3?"
Here are some pictures of her......
blowing out the candles on her cake (can you tell she'd already gotten into the icing?)

Eating her cake - which is a yellow cake made from scratch, thank you very much. (that's only cause I was out of boxes - I don't know how that happened! :)

opening her birthday box from Gamma and Papa

holding her money from Memmie (which she was VERY excited about)

opening a card from Sally and Ben (she loved the glitter)

And here's a little video of her coloring with the art stuff Gamma sent her. What's that lovely noise in the background you ask? Oh, that's just the other girls fighting over the sweet noise-making piano Gamma sent her. Thanks, Gamma. We love it! (Or should I say, the girls love it, and I am not loving it at all.)

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kim brimhall said...

great picture of her with the money. lol.