Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Okay, so I was tagged by Lyn. I've never been tagged before and this one has really hard questions, so I'm not going to be very good. But I'll try.

1. if you owned a bookstore what would you name it: The Shop Around The Corner (because I love You've Got Mail and her name is Kathleen so it works....)
2. which literary hero [male or female] would you like to be: Bella (Twilight fans, you know why)
3. if you were given the chance to be born in a different decade which one would you choose: I don't know....I've always thought it'd be cool to be at a bar-b-que like the one in Gone With the Wind. I like the dresses.
4. who would play you in a movie: I have no idea - Keith says mix Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan together and that would be me. Whatever.
5. what was your favorite toy of all of time: I think the thing I remember having the most fun playing with is the dress-up box my mom gave me and my sisters one year. She had gone to a whole bunch of thrift stores and bought old prom dresses/bridesmaid dresses/whatever and gave them to us for dress-up clothes. We LOVED them.
6. what do you like to collect: Cookbooks and scrapbook supplies. Oh, and Nativity sets.
7. what is your guilty pleasure: buying clothes and scrapbooking stuff.
8. if you had the power to change one thing in this world what would that be: too hard. i pass.
9. what is your most embarrasing moment: If I could choose one out of the many I've had, I'd keep it to myself. There's a reason those things are embarassing. :)
10. what is your favorite christmas movie: Elf
11. what is your favorite vegetable: Corn and Broccoli
12. tell 3 things about yourself (2 true, and 1 untrue ) and see if we can figure out which is fantasy: If Keith would let me, I would stay in my pajamas and read all day long. I enjoy cleaning my house. Football is my favorite sport to watch.

And now I tag Elaine, just cause she's the only person I know who has a blog. :)


lyn. said...

I loved your answers!

amy said...

Hmmm, the first is a dead give away. We all know you love to read. but I don't know about the other 2, I would say the cleaning house is false, but I can't see you watching football either. . . .so, fess up or all come over and club you. . .

Elaine said...

I just saw this! I'll need to do this one later, too...they're kinda fun, even though I've been totally avoided all this tagged stuff all this time...:)