Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maricela

Okay, this post is over a week late, but better late than never, right?

Maricela turned 2 on July 21. I can't believe my baby is 2!! I guess that means I can't call her my baby anymore. :( She rang in her birthday in style though, with an Oscar worthy hissy fit performance. She has continued to bless us with the joys of hissy-fitting every day since. Honestly, that girl had probably only thrown a hissy fit a few times before, but it's like she thought "I'm gonna show them what the 'terrible twos' are really like, and what better day to start than on my 2nd birthday?" Today she literally threw herself off my bed during a hissy fit because I hadn't put her shoe on the way she wanted it. Luckily she was okay, but falling off the bed only made the fit worse. Argh. Hopefully this will pass quickly. :)

Since my camera died right after I took the picture of her holding her birthday money from Noel, I have no other pictures of her birthday. :( So I've decided to share lots of other pictures to help describe what she's been up to lately.

She loves playing in water, whether it's stomping in puddles, getting Daddy wet with the hose, shooting water guns, or playing in the little pool at the farm.

She LOVES jewelry. She has this pink necklace that she wears EVERYWHERE. She loves to put 'pretties' in her hair (that's what we call ponytails) and she gets into my makeup.

Maricela loves to draw. She scribbles on everything with anything she can get her hands on. We've had to pay for marked up library books, there's a new art gallery on my wall, she colors on herself and her clothes, etc.

She is definitely an eater. She takes after her daddy. Here's she's eating a bean tapatía. Apparently she was more interested in the beans than the tortilla.

She loves to wear pretty dresses and skirts and is always willing to put on a cheesy grin for a picture.

She loves to be outside. Whenever she hears the door open (we have squeaky doors) she starts yelling "Ah-siy" (outside) over and over, while running towards the door.

She's a goofy little girl who loves to make us laugh. We definitely have another Keith Jr. on our hands in that department.

She loves anything that has to do with Princesses. She has this funny way of saying princess, something like "lellellellella". I'll have to get video of her saying it and post it.

Maricela also loves babies. She has to have her baby with her when she goes to sleep and she carries it around with her all day long.

She's also into bugs. She loves to go out with Téa and hunt for roly-polys. She calls them po-wees, and any other bug she sees is a pi-der (spider).

We love our little Maricela and are so glad she is a part of our family! Happy Birthday Mari!!!

p.s. Mom, these photos are big enough to print and should still look good, not all pixelated.

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Anonymous said...

I love this slide show of Maricela. The pictures are great and the journaling gives everyone who reads it a look into her personality. She is so cute and sweet and funny and I am proud to be her grandmother.