Wednesday, July 16, 2008

holy cow

The girls have been really enjoying the English Primary. They're learning all the songs and singing them all the time around the house. We play a game together to practice the songs. I start to sing and then when I stop singing they have to say the next word that comes in the song. It doesn't always go smoothly, and today was a perfect example. Téa and I were singing "I love to see the temple" and here's how it went...

Me: I love to see the

Téa: temple

Me: I'm going there some

Téa: day

Me: To feel the holy

Téa: cow

Yeah, we need to work on that.... (For those of you not familiar with the song, the correct answer was spirit.)


lyn. said...

That was hilarious! I'm still laughing...

When did they start going to English Primary instead of Spanish?

Elaine said...

Kathleen, this is SO funny!!!

RaeJane65 said...

HAHAHA!! That's too much!