Monday, August 11, 2008

new scrapbook pages

So I've been a pretty busy scrapper this past week, but I couldn't post any of the pages till this past Friday. Then things got busy, and I didn't make it here to post them on the blog till now. I made three pages for Sya's Blueprints, as she had a grab bag that came out with the re-opening of the Scrap Matters store. We couldn't post our pages until the grab bag was available for purchase. Then last week, I was accepted onto another CT, this time for Jeni Hopewell, who also sells at Scrap Matters. She also has a grab bag out in the store, so I created a page using things from her grab bag. (In case you don't know, a grab bag is kind of a mystery. They're usually around $3-4, but you don't know what's in them till after you've purchased them. But they're always worth way more than what you pay for them.) So without further ado, here are the pages (the first three are using templates from Sya's grab bag and the fourth uses a template from Sya and stuff from Jeni's grab bag).....





Last, but not least, there was a speed scrap over at Scrap Matters this morning and this is the page I made for it.



deja vu said...

Every single line and pic in your blog is simply piece of beauty

I got upset when I suddnely found out that I reached the end of the pages

So romantic and mother(ly) place you made

I loved you and your daughters.

You are among my favourites to see you and your family from time to time

Wish you best of life all together

Anonymous said...

Love the new pages. Kenny is here this morning ( digging a huge hole in my driveway ) and I had hime come in to look at the Mayan page. I printed it for him and he wondered if you could email it to Jan. I wrote down the blog site for him. Mom

lyn. said...

Beautiful pages - as usual!

I missed you today on the first day of school, but I bet you didn't miss being there... LOL

Elisabeth said...

wow I love your scrapbook pages, how do you find the time to do something that amazing with 4 kids? I use to scrapbook, and completely plan to scrapbook again some day, I just can't seem to get it out without my kids "helping" me.