Thursday, August 28, 2008

so frustrating

I AM SO ANNOYED WITH BLOGGER! I have tried to get this posted three times now and it keeps messing up my post. So I decided to split the update into two posts and hopefully it won't mess up again. ARGH!!!!

So to finish up with Maricela, she gave us a scare yesterday also. She already had a doctor’s appt scheduled to have a wart removed from her finger. About 20 minutes before we had to leave, she was running around in the backyard and ran right into a pitchfork. She got a nice little puncture wound on her leg right where her leg meets her foot. We cleaned it out and figured the doctor could look at it too. So he did and said it should be fine and put some steri-strips on it to help it stay together while it healed. Well after she woke up from her nap, she was crying and saying her “footy” hurt. I thought it had just fallen asleep and tried to calm her down. But about 10 minutes later she was still crying and when I sat her down she cried even more. We quickly figured out that it was her puncture wound hurting her. She couldn’t put any weight on her foot at all and started to cry if it even looked like someone was going to touch it. I was afraid it was infected and we’d have to go back to the doctor’s.
But after some Tylenol she started limping around on it and by the end of the night she was running around like normal.
Keith was joking that it was more like a stab wound and now she can say she’s a true Mexican. Okay. Maricela is also a huge copycat! If anything is said in this house, it’s said twice because you can always hear her little echo. She ADORES her older sisters and follows them around all the time, trying to be just like them. So if Téa’s out doing bike tricks, you better believe Maricela is trying to do them as well.

We went to a demolition derby two weeks ago and had a blast! I was not too keen on going, but once we got there I had a lot of fun.

It was cool to see cars crash into and knock over the cement barriers and one even landed on top of a barrier! Keith and the girls really enjoyed themselves and we all had a good time together.

Last week we went to a ward luau and that was really fun as well. Amya kept calling it a lu-how. Anyway, Amya entered the watermelon eating contest for kids. It was a race to see who could eat the most slices in 20 seconds. While Amya didn’t win (she ate 3), she did go on to eat 7 more that night. I love the little bit of watermelon dripping off her chin in the picture. And Maricela had so much fun playing that she zonked right out as soon as soon as we got home. She loves this little chair.

Whew! I hope that was a good catch-up for anyone who cares and I’m really going to try to not get this behind again.


Ingrid said...

Hi Kathleen. Any FLorida trips coming up soon? We would LOVE to see you! Your family is beautiful and another little girl on the way?!?!?!? CONGRATS!!!! Do you have a link to my blog? Let me know if you don't...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the new postings. Ben has probably printed them up and brought them home to read with Sally. Maricela is getting so grown up ( good thing ) Amya looks very 3rd grade-ish. I look forward to seeing Elena dance and Tea will have to wait to do her daredevil tricks next time you are here--much too scary for me. Mom

Nicole Sponseller said...

Kathleen, love your blog too! Isn't it addictive?!? Congrats on having another baby on the way. You are a special mom to have four (almost five) babies! I just have one and my hands are full, and he's only 2 months old! Your girls are gorgeous. I see they resemble you when they smile. Love your layout too, I'll have to check out that link. Take care! -Nicole :-)

Anonymous said...

I like all of the bike tricks!
I can't believe how long Amya's hair has gotten :)

Elaine said...

Have I said I love these pictures yet? If not, well, I DO!!!