Saturday, September 13, 2008

good or bad?

The girls were eating ice cream sandwiches today and Keith told Téa to go get one for Maricela. She did, but she brought it to him with a big bite missing. Here's the conversation that followed:
Keith: "Téa, who took a bite out of Maricela's sandwich?"
Téa: "I did."
Keith: "Why did you take a bite out of her sandwich?"
Téa: "Because I wanted to see if if was good or bad. And it was good."


lyn. said...

You have a very smart little girl there! And that's as good as any Reader's Digest story I've ever heard... [Send it in. You might as well get some money for it! (-:]

Anonymous said...

I love a child who tells the truth. Mom

Elaine said...

She's so cute!

Rick said...

Very funny. She makes good sense.

We have three girls. Tell your husband that it takes a special man to raise girls.

Good luck with those cuties.

lyn. said...

It was so fun having your beautiful face back teaching at Wasatch this week!! Actually it was great having all of you there... lol