Friday, March 06, 2009

Nursing Hideaway

The blog I Never Grew Up is hosting a giveaway for a nursing hideaway cover from Lilacs & Lollipops. I've seen these called a different name (Hooter Hiders) and even printed directions for how to make one. I always have a hard time with nursing in public because I'm afraid the blanket I'm using to cover up with will fall off and I can't see what's going on to help the baby, etc. I've been meaning to make one and haven't yet.....maybe I'll win this giveaway and won't have to! :)

My favorite one is the Blue City Girl Paisley, seen here.
Interestingly, Lilacs & Lollipops is based out of SLC. They have a lot of cute stuff - there are also burp cloths and wipie case covers that are made to match the nursing covers. I've also seen patterns for those and have printed them up, intending to make them, and still haven't. It would be so much easier to buy them off this website (and they are SO cute) but they'd mean so much more if I made them myself. I feel a trip to the fabric store coming on....are you up for one, Amy? I guess we'll see what happens. :)

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Ashley said...

I have a Hooter Hider, and it is hands down one of my most favorite baby items. It's just the perfect design since it has boning in it so you can still see the baby. The thing is great!