Saturday, November 03, 2007

my eyes hurt

Well, I finally came upstairs and loaded the pictures onto the computer. But since my eyes are hurting and it's after 11, I think I'll wait till tomorrow to upload them here. And there are so many I want to share - I might have to put them on Flickr.

When I was typing the title, I remembered an Amya story I wanted to share. We went to the church the other night for a Family Home Evening type activity. They were telling the story that goes along with the "I'll Find You My Friend" song. It talks about how there were two friends in the pre-existence, and they both find out it's their time to come to Earth, and one is going to an LDS home and the other isn't and the one who isn't asks the other friend to come find him and share the gospel with him after they get there. Anyway, they're telling this story and then they start singing the song, and Amya leans over to me. She says "Mom, my eyes hurt and I feel like crying, but I don't have to." I asked her if her bangs were bothering her eyes and she said no. I asked if she liked what they were talking about and she said no. I asked her if she was feeling the Holy Ghost and that's why she was crying and she said she didn't think so. I told her it was okay for her to cry, it just meant she liked what they were saying and she buried her head in Keith's back and cried a little. It was so touching to me. I know she felt the Spirit (cause I was pretty close to crying myself) and just didn't know how to express it. I don't even know how to say what I'm trying to say, but I just thought it was such a sweet moment and I hope that she'll remember it.

And one other funny thing. Keith was talking about someone the other day and said "Yeah, he's crazy." Téa immediately asked "Crazy? Fox crazy?" Keith likes to say crazy like a fox and she had remembered that. Keith said he busted up laughing when she said that.

Okay, hopefully I'll either have pictures up tomorrow, or a link to my Flickr account with lots of pictures.

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