Friday, November 02, 2007

sorry mom

still no pictures. I just can't get my lazy butt up the stairs to load them onto the computer. This wireless on my laptop is totally spoiling me. But here are some updates sin fotos (that's spanish for without pictures).

Maricela folds her arms to say the prayer. Every time. And the other night Keith said "Hey you know what you can do to calm her down when she's going crazy?" He started saying a prayer and she immediately turned around, folded her arms and smiled. SO cute. She waves bye, has 12 teeth, walks and gets into everything everywhere, and is just turning into the cutest little person ever.

Elena can write her own name!!!! And guess who taught her - Amya! Amya absolutely loves to play school with the girls. She has rules and makes 'plans' and everything. We got a little annoyed with her the other day because she glued a class schedule she had made to the wall. Nice. Anyway, back to Elena. Amya was making her practice the letters in her name. She totally got the E and the L and then just needed a little more help from me to get the N and the A. But now she's writing it all by herself and is so smart! She's so proud of herself and keeps asking us if we want to watch her write her name again.

Amya and Elena both know their parts for the Primary presentation. Elena's is "Tengo fe en el Senor Jesucristo". And Amya's is "Yo tambien soy una hija de Dios. Mi padre celestial tiene un plan para mi". Elena is so cute - she'll say "Mom do you want me to say my prayer?" and then say her little part.

Did I already tell you about all the coloring Téa is doing? I think I did. But I just can't get over it. She's constantly coloring (even on our walls) and today she wanted to write her name like Elena was. I helped her write it, and then she tried to do it again by herself. She didn't do too bad for her first try! And then she drew a picture of herself next to her name - a cute little potato with hair and sticks for arms. It's so neat to watch these girls go through the same stages of writing and drawing that we saw with Amya. It's just really interesting to me to have learned all this stuff about how kids learn and when they start to do things like read and write and how they go through these different phases, and then to watch my kids do those things I learned about. (Sorry for that annoying run-on sentence.)

Well, maybe if I get enough sleep tonight, I'll have enough energy to go upstairs tomorrow and get some pictures posted. Don't cross your fingers though. :) TTFN!

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