Saturday, January 05, 2008

beautiful face

so I totally wasn't planning on doing a scrapbook page. I came up here and was organizing my scrapbook supplies and came across a few tutorials. I started messing around with them, trying to figure them out and try them out so I could remember how to do it, and then after I had spent so much time on that, I decided to turn it into a page. So on this page, I learned how to make it look like the ribbon was threaded through the letters, and a better way to brighten eyes than the one I had been using. And then Amya came up here and was giving me suggestions on what to do on the page - "I want a little more blue....Can you add some purple? It's my favorite color....I don't want that glittery thing to be touching me (it was over her hair)" and so on. So I guess we both made it. :)


lyn. said...

I still need you to show me sometime how to do online scrapbooking ! We can do it whenever we find a free minute... haha!!

Anonymous said...

Amya, you look very beautiful in this picture. Love, Gamma