Saturday, January 05, 2008

the day of never-ending throw up

**Disclaimer - if you couldn't already tell from the title, this post is going to be gross. Don't say I didn't warn you.**

Yesterday was absolutely horrible.....I think we were food poisoned. :( I woke up with my stomach feeling bad, but I thought I was just hungry. So I ate some cereal and went to work. All day long I had awful stomach cramps. Keith called me halfway through the day to tell me that Maricela and Tea had thrown up (Maricela in the crib and Tea in our bed) and that he had kept Amya home just in case she got sick as well. I had a half day which was lucky because I could hardly stand up by the time I left school. I got home and found out that all the girls were throwing up, except Amya. I laid down on the bed, only to have Maricela throw up on me. I went out onto the couch, and then Tea and Elena threw up on me. None of these girls are able to make it to the bathroom in time, so we were all sitting out in the living room, with towels to catch the puke. I was literally holding towels in front of Elena and Tea at the same time, trying to keep it from getting on the rug. And all of this while my stomach is badly cramping. This went on ALL day long. Keith went to the store to get some Pedialyte for the girls and some Sprite for me. They drank it, and it came right back up. Tea kept asking for more, it was so sad. She'd beg us for more soda, she was obviously hungry and thirsty, but as soon as we gave her any, even just a little sip, it came right back out. So sad.

But it seems like they're all over it now. The girls are all playing in their room. Except Maricela...while she's not throwing up anymore, she's still not back to her normal self. I've already changed three dirty diapers today (and when I say dirty, I mean DIRTY) and she's just been sitting on my lap all morning, till she fell asleep a few minutes ago. Hopefully the nap will give her a little more energy. But the worst is over. I wouldn't wish what we went through yesterday on anyone.

Oh, and it started snowing this morning and still hasn't stopped. We've got over six inches out there. I took some pictures, and I'm gonna take them upstairs so I can post them. While I hate the snow and cold, it is kinda pretty out there.


amy said...

I feel so bad for your little family. How sad. I am so glad you are over the worst of it. Good luck on the laundry!

lyn. said...

No wonder you looked so tired on Friday when I saw you bring your class to lunch! I hope you left right after school...