Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Friday!!

Seriously, I don't know why it's so hard for me to keep this thing up to date. Type a few things in and ya, you're done. But I'll be thinking, Oh I need to blog about this - but I need to put a picture with it - that means I have to upload it to the computer - then I have to tweak it in Photoshop - It'll take too long, I'll do it tomorrow. And then it doesn't get done. So anyway, here are some things that have happened lately (and hopefully it won't be too long before I blog again) -

  • Amya lost her first tooth on April 25. We had gone to Ben&Jerry's for their free scoop day, and on the way home Amya was wiggling her tooth. By the time we got home, it was hanging on just barely, and Keith barely had to tug on it to pull it out. She was so excited. I took some pictures of her, and then caught her checking it out in the mirror and smiling, so I took more pictures of that. She was all excited about putting it in the tooth fairy pillow and getting money the next day. She keeps telling people that the tooth fairy brought her $10, but really, she got $3. In the last picture, you can actually see the new tooth coming in. It won't be long before the front tooth next to it comes out as well, cause you can already see that new tooth starting to come in too.

  • Amya and Elena taught Téa to say "crack". Isn't that great? (read that with lots of sarcasm) The girl has 8 words that she can say, and two of them are 'crack' and 'poop'. If there was any doubt at all before over who their father is, I don't think there is now. I swear, I don't need boys, these girls are already too much like their dad. (By the way, her other words are 'mom', 'dada', 'milk', 'go', 'cheese', 'shoes', and one more that I can't remember.) **** I remembered - it's 'yes'!****
  • Téa feeds herself now. She doesn't like anyone else to feed her. Usually Keith shares a plate with her and gives her bites, but not anymore. She's too big for that. She wants her own plate, her own fork (which she really doesn't use, it's more for show), and her own food. If you don't give it to her, watch out, cause she gets mad. Then she makes a big mess and laughs about it. And if Elena's in the high chair, she goes over and takes Elena's food, too. We really need to do something about the seating situation. What with one chair for the kitchen table and one high chair, and three kids needing seats, we're having a bit of a problem.

  • Elena is on her fifth day of wearing pant*es and I think this time it's working. The first two days she didn't have any accidents and that first night, she woke up with a dry diaper. So Keith let her wear pa*ties the second night, and that didn't really work out. So she's been wearing them during the day and diapers at night. She's doing really good at telling us when she has to go. I'm so excited. She only had two accidents this whole week, (yesterday) and I know it's cause I told Grandma that she hadn't had any, so I jinxed her.
  • On that note, my Dad and Grandma got in late Wed. night for a visit. They'll be here for almost two weeks. The girls are way excited to have them. Elena was a little shy at first. I had asked her what she was going to do with Papa when he got here, and she had said "Kiss him". But then after he was here, I asked her what she wanted to do with him, and she said "Not kiss him". But she's gotten used to them now and is already trying to pull Grandma all around the house.
  • I had another ultrasound done yesterday and the doctor still couldn't tell us for sure what the baby is. He said he thinks it's a girl (and Keith says that if it was a boy, we would have been able to see right away that it was his boy, if you know what I mean). He said to let him know if it turns out to be a boy, so I guess he's pretty sure that it's a girl. But he still didn't really see anything, the legs were totally still in the way. So I'm still not okay with saying it's a girl for sure, cause we don't have actual proof. I just don't want to be surprised when it comes out. I want to know for sure. Oh well, I guess I won't. Unless I can talk him into another ultrasound next month....

So that's the scoop for now. I'll come back when I remember more.

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