Thursday, May 18, 2006

She's growing up

Today was Amya's last day of school. They had a program where the kids sang songs and each one was recognized and everything. The flyer that was sent home said not to bring your other kids. So we arranged for Keith's sister to watch them while we both went. I told Keith that I wanted to be there by 9:15. He didn't think that we had to be and because he poked around getting ready, we didn't get there until about 9:50. If we hadn't dropped the kids off at his sister's, we would have been there at 9. The whole reason for this story is that we missed the presentation!!! They did it at 9:15. I had thought it was at 10, and when I asked the teacher around 10:30 if they were having the presentation, she told me I had missed it. I smiled and said "Oh, that's okay". Then a few minutes later I had to hand the camera over to Keith because I knew I was about to cry and didn't want anyone to see me. So I had to go to the bathroom and compose myself. I was so upset that I missed Amya singing with her class and being recognized in front of everyone for 'graduating' from preschool. Keith said it was no big deal, but it was to me. (And I'm sure the pregnancy hormones had something to do with it.) We had a fun time making crafts with her, playing outside, and eating lunch, but I was just so upset about missing the presentation. I know there's nothing I can do now, so I should just get over it, but I'm still upset. (Can you tell? :P) And if we had brought the kids, we wouldn't have missed it. There were plenty of people there that had brought younger kids, and there were no problems. But, then we would have been taking care of them, instead of making it just about Amya. Anyway, it's over. And my firstborn is moving on to regular school next year. I can't believe how fast time flies. She's just getting too old! I'll be back later to post some pics of her on her last day of school.

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