Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Little Princesses

Just wanted to share another page I did today. Here are the girls all dressed up for church Easter morning.

For credits, go to my 2Peas gallery.

Also wanted to add that Téa has a few new words. She can say 'ball', 'boots' (from Dora), and 'shoes'. Of course, none of these words sound completely right, but we know what she's saying. :) She also likes to try and say prayers. We're going through a stage where Amya and Elena both want to say prayers, so we usually have to have two prayers at every meal, when we go to sleep, etc. Now Téa wants in on the fun. The other day, after the usual two, she grunted and fussed until I realized that she wanted to pray, too. So we folded our arms again, and I whispered words into her ear while she sat with her arms folded, smiling at everyone. Keith says we better figure out a way to get them to take turns, cause our food's getting cold while we wait.

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