Saturday, June 21, 2008

before & after

I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'm still too upset.

(This is the second layout for my advanced class.)

(Don't worry, I'll do one for Téa too, as she was unable to escape Elena's scissor escapade.)


lyn. said...

I don't think anyone escapes some sort of scissors and hair incident during childhood. I cut my own bangs completely off just before a ward fashion show when I was a kid. The pictures are locked away somewhere and I threw away the key! I can laugh now, but there is something so heart-wrenching that happens when we first see the results on our own kids...

Just remember that it will grow back!

Anonymous said...

I hope Tea's isn't that short. You never cut your own hair. Kara cut Jenny's bangs off but didn't touch her own . I don't think anyone else ever did either. You had a friend who, even as 7 year old, was still cutting her hair. She even cut off her eyebrows and eyelashes. I think there was something wrong with her, though. She also cut up a dead mouse and squirrel. Mom

Elaine said...

Therese - there was definitely something wrong with that girl who cut up dead animals. OH MY GOODNESS! Hi, by the way! :)

Kathleen...I think it looks cute. But I'm sorry it happened and you're upset about it. :(