Monday, June 23, 2008

A Day at the Farm

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Journaling reads: Dad needed to go do some work at the farm and we decided to tag along. You girls have so much fun playing at the farm. You look for eggs, feed the goats, help weed the garden, moo at the cows, play on the swing set, chase chickens, visit the peacocks, play in the barn, run all over the place, and have an awesome tme. Whenever Dad says, “Who wants to go to the farm?” there is an immediate chorus of “Me!” from all four of you. You come home dirty, muddy, stinky, and tired, but there’s no denying the joy in your eyes. You girls sure LOVE to play at the farm.


Anonymous said...

what a great page. Having been to the farm with the kids myself, I know how much fun they have. Mom

Anonymous said...

I think that my favorite part about this page is the writing around all of the pictures. The rub-out was also a neat feature...