Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Okay, I know it's not Father's Day, but this post is about it, so why not have that as the title, right? We had a pretty laid-back Father's Day. I had gone to the store the night before with Amya, and she picked out some cinnamon rolls that she wanted to make for Keith for his breakfast. Then we went to church and when we came home, Keith got to take a LONG nap. While he and the two younger girls were asleep, Amya and I made him some cards and got his present ready. I bought him a Willow Tree statue that has a dad holding a baby.

I had wanted to get the dad and daughter one, but all the stores around here that carry Willow Tree have been sold out of that one for awhile. So maybe next year.

The girls had fun playing with Keith and helping him open his present. We made a card and I traced their handprints on the card and they each wrote inside their hands. (Well, Amya did the only real writing, but the other two tried) These girls sure love their dad!

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