Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Vegas Baby!!

So I wanted to post about our Vegas trip so that I wouldn't forget any details. We stayed at the New York New York Casino. It was pretty nice. We had a really great view - we were in the white tower on the far left, in a corner room, high enough up to see the rollercoaster and a good deal of the strip from our room. Before we left, I had looked online and found a list of free things to do in Vegas - things you could look at in the casinos, a chocolate factory tour, a museum, things like that. So we rented a car and did some driving around. Also, since parking in all the hotels is free, and I'm pretty pregnant and not up for walking, we drove around to all the casinos. The car came in really handy. :) We went to the M&M store to get some candy for the girls. Here's Keith picking some out.

The Bellagio hotel was really nice. We went there to see the conservatory that they have inside. Keith was watching something that said that they change it every month. He was pretty amazed by that, seeing as how there were so many details in it. He really liked the water that shot back and forth as you were walking through it.

On the second morning, we went to see a timeshare presentation. I know, how boring. But, we got a $100 gift card to spend in the gift shops and restaurants at two of the casinos and a $25 gift card at one specific restaurant. So we used the $100 to go to the buffet at the MGM Grand (which was SOOO good) and then to buy gifts for the girls. Here's me with all my desserts from the buffet.

We also got to see one of the Cirque du Soleil shows. Keith's brother got tickets for us and we went to the 10:30 showing on the 2nd night. It was really fun. We had pretty good seats, and before the show even started, some of the actors were running around and scaring people right in front of us. The show was pretty cool - some of the acrobats did some pretty neat tricks. Too bad I couldn't take any pictures.

On the last day, we shopped for the girls and did a little more sightseeing in the casinos. Then we drove up to see the temple. It was really neat to go there. Both Keith and I commented on what a different feeling it was to be up by the temple, away from all the other stuff that goes on in Vegas.

All in all, we had a really great time. I hope we can go on another trip together sometime soon.

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