Monday, June 19, 2006

Miami Ink

Okay, so here's my first picture post. I was just so excited about this, I decided to share it first. On our first day in Vegas, Keith and I went to eat some burgers at In-N-Out for lunch. It was totally packed, so he went to get a seat while I ordered. When I sat down next to him, he pointed across the aisle and said "Hey - isn't that one of your guys from that inked show?" (He doesn't like to watch either one of the shows and gets annoyed when I do. He thinks it's silly to watch shows about tattoos when we don't believe in getting tattoos. I just think it's a fun show to watch and better than some other reality shows out there.) I said "No, but he could be the guy from Miami Ink". He said "Yep, he must be, it says Miami Ink on his arm". I couldn't believe it, I was so excited!! Keith said I should get a picture with him, but I didn't want to bother him. A few minutes later he got up to walk out and Keith said I should follow him and ask for a pic, it would be my only chance. He also thought it'd be funny to have a pic of a pregnant woman with a tattoo guy. So we went outside and asked him if he'd take a picture with me. He was really nice - asked when the baby was due, chatted with Keith and I for a few minutes. Keith told him that he doesn't like me to watch the show, and he was saying to keep watching cause he needs the ratings. It was really cool. I'm glad Keith convinced me to get the pics. (In case anyone doesn't know who this is, it's Ami from the show Miami Ink on TLC.)

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