Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday Elena!!!!

Man I can't believe this girl is three already. She's growing up so quickly. She's getting smarter every day. Right now she's totally in the princess phase. I swear she's my biggest tomboy (really, they all are, but she's the most), but she's a tomboy that has to be wearing a dress. And it has to be a pretty dress. Preferrably a princess one. We literally go through about 5 outfit changes a day. She's really wearing me out. So of course, for her birthday we had to get her a new princess dress. They had Ariel's wedding dress at Target, and I knew she would love it. She also got some money for her birthday, and she used that to buy another princess dress, the Barbie Rapunzel one. Then she got a little more, and I'm pretty sure we'll be adding another dress to the collection. Here's some pics of her on her big day.

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ingrid said...

Thanks for reminding me about you blog. It has been so fun to read about you life during the past year. Thanks for posting pics of us too with you at Animal Kingdom (not our favorite park, either), but soooo fun to be there with you! Visit again anytime...