Friday, October 06, 2006

Long time no blog

Man I am such a slacker at this. I didn't even finish my whole Florida recap, and now there's a whole bunch of other stuff to recap about. Will I ever get caught up? ;P Let's see if I can do this really fast, so that I can feel a little better about my lazy self.

Jenny had her baby on Sep. 16. She named her Taylor Mae. They're in Idaho right now, but supposed to be moving down here tomorrow and living in PG until January. I'm pretty excited about that - it's always nice to have some of my family around.

Amya is in school and absolutely loving it! She started kindergarten, and two weeks later moved into 1st grade!! She was so excited, and obviously, we are so proud of her. She's in a dual immersion program, where they have a week of class in Spanish, then a week in English. She's doing great in both classes and it's so cool to see her learning just take off. Funny story about Amya in school - She was the star of the day today. She came home with a crown on and the paper that she had helped Mrs. Beck write about all of her favorite things. She put that she likes to watch Bratz on tv. She's not even allowed to watch that show! When I asked her why she said that, she said she thought it would be funny, and started laughing. She's crazy.

Amya also turned 6! Her birthday was the 26th. I can't believe how old she's getting. I've been looking at the pictures of her that I have up on the wall that are from a couple years ago, and it's amazing how fast she's growing up. It's exciting, but also sad at the same time. My first baby isn't a baby anymore.

Elena will be turning three next Tuesday. We're having a birthday party for her and Amya at the farm tomorrow. They're both pretty stoked about that. Amya says she gets to pick out the cake and Elena can pick out the pinata.

Elena said the cutest thing after getting into my makeup the other day. I've told her over and over not to get into my makeup. Keith is adamant about the girls not wearing makeup (or even nail polish). He thinks it will make them think that they need it to be pretty, and he wants them to be happy with who they are and know that they're beautiful without makeup. Noble idea, but it's gonna be a lot harder to enforce once they start getting older. Anyway, he's told Elena that she's a princess in her heart - it doesn't matter what she's wearing or if she has makeup on. Cause even though she's the most tomboy of them all, Elena is SO into wearing dresses everyday - especially the tinkerbell and snow white costume dresses. Anyway, I had asked her why she got into my makeup. Here was her reply "Mom, in my heart I'm a princess. But you can't see my heart. I need makeup on my face so that you'll know I'm a princess". How crazy.

Téa's getting bigger and bigger as well. I can't believe she's almost 2. She's really starting to talk a lot more now. She likes to copy what everyone else is saying, and she follows Elena around all day long. Whatever Elena's doing, good or bad, you better believe Téa is right there next to her, doing it too.

Maricela is 11 weeks old today. She's such a cutie. 2 weeks ago she started cooing at me when I would talk to her, but she wouldn't do it when I tried to show Keith. Now she's doing that more and more, and this past week she started smiling back at us. She's smiled since the day she was born, but now I think she's really smiling on purpose when we smile at her. Elena gets the best smiles out of her. You can tell those two are gonna be close. I was so scared that Téa was going to be a jealous booger and make it hard on me with Maricela, but she's the complete opposite. She just wants to look at her, smile at her, help burp her, and basically annoy me when I'm trying to take care of her (I mean that in a good way).

So that's about it. We're just chugging along here. I'm trying to survive school. Every time I come home with more homework, Keith says "I can't believe all the stuff they're making you do just to be a teacher". It's pretty hard, but hopefully it'll go by quickly. I'll try and get some recent pics posted this weekend.

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You amaze me Kathleen. How do you do it all? I can't even begin to think about getting my household chores done, never mind SCHOOL! You go girl!