Thursday, October 19, 2006

Training Wheels

So on October 9, Amya had her first attempt at riding her bike without the training wheels. At first Keith was helping her. But he was keeping his hand on her back and kind of pushing her. She was barely even pedaling and was having a very hard time balancing. She was telling Keith to put them back on, she didn't want to do it. She had obviously not realized when she asked to take them off how much help they really gave her.

I asked her to get back on and try one more time with me. I have a very distinct memory of my Dad teaching me how to ride a bike. I can remember him running alongside me, holding the back of the seat and letting go. I wanted to try this way with Amya. After I assured her that I wouldn't let her fall, she decided to give it one more try. You can see the results for yourself.

I let go and she's totally riding by herself.

She realizes I've let go.

She starts to wobble and slow down.

She's way proud of herself.

Hopefully before it starts snowing we can get her out there a few more times so that she really gets used to it before the winter hits and she can't practice anymore. Also, maybe next time she should wear shoes and a helmet and stuff. That might help a little, don't ya think?

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Anonymous said...


Nicole and Amya are on the same time line!! Nicole learned last week (as I'm sure you've read on our website) and we have very similar pictures up...except yours arent blurry! :) Time for a new camera, I say.

How fun! I'm glad you're updating your blog - I love reading it.

Taylor is adorable - such a little Jenny!!