Tuesday, February 10, 2009

32 down, 8 to go

Your baby is taking up more and more space in your uterus and weighs as much as a large jicama -- about 3 3/4 pounds. (Length: about 16 3/4 inches, head to heel.)

I can definitely attest to the "more and more space" part. This baby boy has got to be huge! I can not get comfortable at night, as my stomach is in the way no matter what my position. And he moves constantly....to the point where I want him to take a nap or something just to give me a little relief. He used to be shy about moving when Keith would have his hand on my stomach, but not anymore. Keith gets to feel him move all the time....in fact, the other night, baby boy moved so violently that it scared Keith! He's always been a little squeamish about how it seems like there's an alien in my stomach and when this little guy moved, he pushed out really hard and made my stomach pop out. It freaked Keith out a little bit and he said he was done for the night. If only I could say that too!

I finally got some baby boy clothes. Up until I got these, the only piece of clothing I had for this boy was a $3 onesie from WalMart that said "Daddy's Helper". Old Navy was having a sale on their website, so I picked up a few things. I was so excited to get them in the mail. And then when I got them, and realized that there really wasn't that much (about 10 items) and thought about how much I need, I got a little depressed. I am SO not ready for this little guy to be here! But then again, I am SO ready to get him out of me!

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lyn. said...

I miss seeing you at school, but I'm glad you get to relax a little bit and get some online shopping done before the big day...