Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Why would she do this?

Maricela cut her own hair on Saturday night. Keith found her in the bathroom, with hair all over the place. He asked her who cut her hair and she said that she cut it herself. He didn't believe her and said something about her not knowing how to use scissors. To which she said, "Yes, Dad, look", picked up the scissors, carefully put her fingers through the holes, put them up to her head, and proceeded to cut off another chunk right in front of him. ARGH!!!!! I guess she thought it would make her look pretty, but she doesn't look like my little girl anymore! It is SO short - in places it feels like a buzzcut. In fact, it looks like we shaved the top of her head and it's now growing back in. Keith asked if this means we can shave her whole head and I said no. I don't know what to do! Should I cut the hair in back shorter so it matches a little?

My little girl has a mullet!!!! And here's a picture of her from today...this is what she did while I was in the shower. Such a booger!

I found a giveaway on a blog called Angela's Accessories that would be perfect for us....she's giving away this adorable hat:
All you have to do to enter the drawing is leave a comment on her blog. Mari totally needs this when we go out in public so people will still know she's a girl!

So far, Téa is the only one who hasn't' cut her own hair (or anyone else's, for that matter). Elena did cut Téa's hair for her, but I'm not counting that against Téa. And the haircuts get worse with each girl!! Maybe this will be something to look forward to with the boy....has anyone had their boys cut their own hair? Please tell me this is just a girl thing. (Of course, with a boy it probably wouldn't be as upsetting, seeing as how their hair is usually kept short anyway.)


Angela's Accessories said...

Thanks for posting about our give away! Good luck. You have beautiful girls! And thanks again!

lyn. said...

I think that "the cutting of the hair by oneself" is a rite of passage in childhood. You just have to laugh so you won't cry...

Isn't it a good thing that hair grows back--at least usually. I had a friend in Hawaii who shaved his head on a bet and it never grew back again... honest!!

Ashley said...

Alright, I will say that (so far) my boys have never cut either their own or each other's hair. Not that they haven't gotten some pretty narly haircuts from trained professionals, but I digress. So there is hope for you. But seriously, maybe hide the scissors better? This could solve your problems.