Thursday, July 26, 2007

crazy stuff

So Keith and I went on a date tonight and on the way home, his truck ran out of gas. 1.5 miles from our exit. Luckily we were able to coast to the exit and there was a gas station right next to it that we were able to pull in to. He filled up the tank, and then the dumb truck wouldn't start. We were an hour late to get home to the babysitter and had to call someone to come pick me up so I could take her home, and a tow truck to tow the truck over to the dealership so they can look at it in the morning. So annoying.

Anyway, on to the point of the post. We went to pick up Keith when the tow truck got there. He was in the car with the girls and I was standing outside. Elena told him "Dad, I have to tell you something. But don't tell Mom. I broke one of her bracelets while you guys were gone." Then when I get back in the car she says, "Mom, Dad has something he needs to tell you". Um, didn't you just tell Dad that you didn't want me to know? Did you think I wouldn't get mad if Dad told me instead of you? Keith busted up laughing, and that made everyone laugh. Almost a good ending to a crazy night. (I only say almost cause I'm a little upset about the broken bracelet, and the truck being broken is kinda hampering my humor.)

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