Tuesday, July 17, 2007

she's mean!

Elena: "I don't love her at all. She's so mean!" (talking about Amya)
Me: "Why don't you love her? She's your sister."
Elena: "Cause when I hit her, she hit me back!"
Me: "Umm, you shouldn't have hit her in the first place......"

You know those plastic kid playhouses that they sell at Home Depot for $1600? They're so cute, but SO expensive. Anyway, we were drving around HD the other day and Elena asked Keith to stop so she could look at the playhouse. She asked Keith if he would buy it for her, and he said no. Then she said "Well, we could stole it, but I guess that would be bad."

Amya had gotten dressed, wearing a black shirt and black skirt. I heard Elena tell her "Whoa, Amya. You look SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful." She said it so seriously. Way cute. Elena really likes black, and she looks good in it. I guess she was impressed that Amya was dressing in one of her favorite colors.

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