Sunday, July 29, 2007

pretty sisters

Amya saw me up here on the thing led to another and all of a sudden Amya was making a scrapbook page. I helped her move the things around and make them the right size, but she picked out everything - the pictures, the paper, the title, the 'pretty' things to go with the pretty sisters, everything!! She is so proud of her scrapbook page. We're going to get it printed for her. Anyway, enough talking. Here it is. Enjoy!

P.S. If you see this, leave her a comment. It'll make her day!


amy said...


That is so darn cool! I love that. It is so pretty. Your paper being so dark makes the pictures stand out so well! Good job.

Uncle Eric said...

You did a great job Amya! Tell your Mom I always enjoy reading your blog and keeping up on you all. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas time. Much love, Uncle Eric

Kusi and Eric said...

Hey Amya,

I really like your scrapbook. The photos you choose are very nice and I like the flowers at the bottom of the page. Well done!

Your Auntie Kusi from Ireland

gamma said...

Dear Amya,
I really like your scrapbook page. I think it is better than what I can do. Julia and Ellen have to help me do anything on the computer. I bet you know more than I do about it. You did a great job on your page and i like the browns and pinks together. I will sho it to the girls if they ever get up, those lazy sleepyheads. Love, Gamma

Aunt Ceci said...

Amya,your scrapbook page is terrific. You are very talented. I should hire you to do my scrapbooks for me. I am very far behind on my scrapbook projects, but seeing your lovely page has inspired me to start scrapbooking again.
Aunt Ceci